Facilitator: Activate your workforce

The key to success lies not in dazzling PowerPoint slides, but in the workforce of each project or system. It is crucial to make use of the wisdom of the team and the diversity of their perspectives and talents.
As an experienced and certified facilitator, I can help you to activate your workforce. Effective facilitation enables the participation of all stakeholders and better organisational learning. As your facilitator, I contribute to the success of your critical projects, complex meetings, agile conferences, and strategic workshops.

Our cooperation

Leadership coach: Dealing with stress and working effectively

Managers find themselves often in a stressful “sandwich”- position with pressure from above and below. They have to implement strategic and operational objectives, they have to show “role model” behaviour, and they need to be motivators and gate keepers for their employees. Depending on the environment and the dominating mindset, agile and participative tools are required or classic “top-down” management is expected.

Based on my own practical experiences as people manager in complex environments, I can easily connect with the dynamics and challenges of other people managers. In my own teams, I systematically focused on cooperation and accountability of my direct reports. Using my extensive theoretical background and several professional trainings as additional sources, I offer tailor-made interventions for managers and teams, such as

  • Mindset and self-reflection
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Behavioural and leadership styles
  • People management tools
  • Teamwork and Communication
  • Accountability
  • Managing change
  • Coaching and feedback


Change consultant: Overcoming dilemmas and integrating stakeholders

In most cases, change projects are dilemma situations. Processes and changes are expected to be implemented quickly, based on a good strategy and a clear plan. At the same time, you have to integrate major stakeholders and activate the cooperation of affected employees. Unfortunately, especially in the beginning, they are usually in a phase of insecurity and incomprehension – and quite often in resistance…

To balance the different interests and personalities, you will need a change architecture between top-down and bottom-up. And you will need tailored interventions which I am dedicated to develop and moderate with you. Based on effective stakeholder management and a mutually agreed project plan, I design and moderate

  • Teambuilding workshops
  • Top management meetings
  • Sounding boards or
  • Design Thinking workshops, transformation loops and other agile tools
  • Management trainings.

Depending on the scope and objectives of the project, viral change interventions, business games or mentoring programs can be useful additions.

Implementation advisor
Leadership coach

Contact / legal notice

Axel Kersten Consulting
Denglerstr. 35
D – 53173 Bonn
phone: +49 228 32301355
mobil:  +49 175 9378325
mail: info(Axel Kersten Consulting - BESSER ZUSAMMEN . ZUSAMMEN BESSER)axel-kersten.de
skype: axelkersten

linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/axelkersten
xing: http://www.xing.com/profile/axel_kersten



Axel Kersten Consulting
Denglerstr. 35
D – 53173 Bonn
phone: +49 228 32301355
mobil:  +49 175 9378325
info(Axel Kersten Consulting - BESSER ZUSAMMEN . ZUSAMMEN BESSER)axel-kersten.de
skype: axelkersten

Tax-ID No.: DE287825858

Design, coordination and programming:

About me

“Love it, change it, or leave it” is my private leitmotiv. It depicts ingredients for private happiness and professional satisfaction which I find relevant: a continuous drive for identification and satisfaction with your tasks (love it – or maybe sometimes: accept it), an openness and accountability for optimization (change it), and a determination to move on when loving or changing does not work (leave it).

Privately as well as professionally, I am a quite curious and active person and have gone through some love, change, and leave periods. I live with my wife and my two children in Bonn and whenever possible in our second home on the Dalmatian island of Korčula. Sports (like running, tennis, soccer) and photography help me to relax and to regain my energy.

Professional milestones:

  • Since 2013 founder and owner of Axel Kersten Consulting
  • Since 2013 Vice President and Senior Consultant (Senn Delaney Leadership Consultants / Heidrick Consulting)
  • 6 years Vice President and head of department for personal and organisational development (Deutsche Telekom AG / T-Mobile)
  • 5 years head of department and senior consultant for recruiting, employer branding and talent development (SAP AG)
  • 4 years team lead and consultant for higher education marketing (Gate Germany / DAAD)
  • 4 years Member of the Supervisory Board of the Berlin School for Professional Studies
  • Since 1995: Lecturer, e.g. for the WHU Business School in Vallendar

Training and education:

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC, International Coaching Federation)
  • Loop Approach Fellow – integral and agile transformation of teams and organisations (the dive, Berlin)
  • Certified user and coach for leadership styles and systems climate diagnostics (XLNC Leadership, Köln)
  • Systemic consulting (ZFSB Heidelberg)
  • Change manager (Henley Business School, Reading)
  • Coach and facilitator (Senn Delaney Leadership Consultants, London)
  • Agile strategy development (dark horse)
  • Agile team and organisational development (Veränderungskraft)
  • Agile experience (Veränderungskraft)
  • Deep democracy – Conflict management (the dive)
  • Design Thinking (brainbirds)
  • Decision making (Steinbeis University Berlin)
  • Leadership excellence (esmt Berlin)
  • People management (mafowi Wiesbaden)
  • Project management (University of Mannheim)
  • M.A. in political science, history and public law (Universities of Freiburg, Boston and Austin/USA)
  • Research semester in Chiapas/ Mexico
  • Postgraduate studies in environmental science (University of Basel)

Cooperations and references (selection):

  • Senn Delaney Leadership Consultants
  • Heidrick Consulting / co:vadis
  • the dive
  • XLNC Leadership, Köln
  • Promerit AG
  • Advaia Diversity Solutions
  • Glen Goldberg
  • Deutsche Telekom AG
  • T-Mobile Niederlande
  • T-Systems International
  • SAP AG
  • Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst / GATE Germany
  • Deutsches Wissenschaftszentrum Kairo
  • Deutsche Universität für Weiterbildung
  • Lurgi / Air Liquide
  • Unitymedia
  • Proximus/Belgacom
  • ITT
  • USAA
  • Infineon
  • DZ Bank
  • Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz
  • Aktion Mensch
  • bpost
  • IBA Group
  • Hochschule Rhein Waal
  • Reckitt Benckiser
  • Congstar GmbH
  • Detecon International GmbH
  • Rolls Royce Power Systems / MTU
  • Fiskars Group
  • Primetals
  • Deutsche Bahn
  • Marquard und Bahls
  • Inmarsat
  • TÜV Rheinland
  • Vaillant Group
  • Delphi Technologies
  • Weatherford
  • Stryker
  • Aspen
  • Venator
  • Allied Irish Bank
  • DHL Express
  • Radlabor Freiburg

For personal recommendations and publications, please see my LinkedIn – page.


Our cooperation

What you can expect from me:

  • Distinct customer orientation
  • Authentic and honest communication
  • Using your company strategy and culture as guidance

What I require for a successful cooperation:

  • Clarification of roles and tasks from the very beginning
  • Top management sponsorship and integration of crucial stakeholders
  • Continuous mutual feedback throughout our cooperation

About me

My services

Better together – together better: It is my particular strength to activate the human resources in a system and to optimize their mutual cooperation – without losing sight of the organisational environment. For large and resource intensive tasks, I gladly cooperate with experienced consultants and partners from my network.

In my opinion, the most crucial criteria for success are the individual ability to motivate oneself and to cooperate within commonly accepted values and rules. This is particularly true in complex structures such as project teams spread over multiple locations, matrix organisations, and virtual leadership environments. Of course, we cannot just announce cooperation top-down, but we will have to practice and apply cooperation through a set of tailor-made interventions. This is where I come in and support teams and organisations in different roles.

In my interventions, I utilize an effective mix of tools and approaches which I have developed through continuous education and practical applications (see here).

Change consultant
Implementation advisor
Leadership coach

Your challenges

You and your teams work in complex structures and are confronted with permanent change?
You want to reach your targets and ensure sustainable success for your projects?
You want to invest in building trust, motivation, cooperation, and agility of your teams?
You are looking for tailor-made external services to support you?

Here are some examples of challenges and projects which I have supported with smart solutions and services over the last years:

  • New company strategy
    • The management of an international company has approved a new company strategy and wants to roll it out in their international subsidiaries…
  • More accountability and empowerment for your teams
    • You want to encourage teams in your organisation to take on more accountability and self-organisation and you want to support them with suitable tools and interventions…
  • Becoming more agile: Prepare leaders for their role as change ambassadors
    • A managing director of an organisation in transformation has gone through many change projects with her team. She now wants to empower the accountability of the whole team, reduce external consulting and enable her managers to be more agile and drive future changes themselves…
  • New company values and a new employer branding
    • The board of an organisation with a matrix structure is dedicated to implement new company values and a new employer branding. The board expects all employees to adapt their behaviour accordingly…
  • Integrate a recently acquired subsidiary
    • An expanding global company would like to integrate a recently acquired subsidiary und its employees as soon and as effectively as possible…
  • Merge two company segments
    • The project lead of an integration project in a medium-sized company has to merge two company segments which have previously demonstrated a lack of mutual cooperation and common values…
  • Prepare and motivate all managers in the company to support the project
    • In a company-wide project to boost innovation, the project manager wants to prepare and motivate all managers in the company to support the project and to show role model behaviours…
  • New performance and talent management framework
    • The new technology board member of a global firm requests from the HR board member to get full transparency on the performance and potential of all technology employees worldwide. To enable this, a new performance and talent management framework shall be implemented for the technology board area…
  • Silo mentality, cultural misunderstandings, and ineffective leadership behaviour
    • The results of an internal survey among all members of a 2-year transformation project have shown that 70% of the project members complain about a silo mentality, cultural misunderstandings, and ineffective leadership behaviour within the project organisation. The project leader wants these results to be improved in the following survey…

My services


Frequently testified, regularly proven, and yet constantly ignored: The “soft” factor human being is, in reality, the hardest of all success factors. I have witnessed many complex teams and organisations and have supported numerous “hard” projects – and I have learned that the essential recipes for success are trust, motivation, and cooperation.

This is where my services for your challenges and change processes come in. The necessary ingredients are a suitable occasion, readiness for (self-) reflection and a bit of curiosity. With my interventions, synchronised with your particular project environment and your business strategy, you and your teams can make substantial progress towards more motivation and accountability, better cooperation and lasting success of your projects.

As consultant and coach, I bring in 5 years of working experience abroad, 15 years of management practice in international organisations, and 25+ years of learning and education (Professional Certified Coach by ICF, Loop Approach Fellow by the dive, XLNC Leadership- and Team-Coach etc.). I have been working closely for many years with chief officers, managers and project leaders in international and intercultural settings. What they appreciate about me is my special mix of people-centric leadership and insider knowledge of complex organisations. My service portfolio focuses on roles as change consultant, implementation advisor, leadership coach and facilitator.

Your challenges

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