Change consultant: Overcoming dilemmas and integrating stakeholders

In most cases, change projects are dilemma situations. Processes and changes are expected to be implemented quickly, based on a good strategy and a clear plan. At the same time, you have to integrate major stakeholders and activate the cooperation of affected employees. Unfortunately, especially in the beginning, they are usually in a phase of insecurity and incomprehension Рand quite often in resistance…

To balance the different interests and personalities, you will need a change architecture between top-down and bottom-up. And you will need tailored interventions which I am dedicated to develop and moderate with you. Based on effective stakeholder management and a mutually agreed project plan, I design and moderate

  • Teambuilding workshops
  • Top management meetings
  • Sounding boards or
  • Design Thinking workshops, transformation loops and other agile tools
  • Management trainings.

Depending on the scope and objectives of the project, viral change interventions, business games or mentoring programs can be useful additions.

Implementation advisor
Leadership coach