My services

Better together – together better: It is my particular strength to activate the human resources in a system and to optimize their mutual cooperation – without losing sight of the organisational environment. For large and resource intensive tasks, I gladly cooperate with experienced consultants and partners from my network.

In my opinion, the most crucial criteria for success are the individual ability to motivate oneself and to cooperate within commonly accepted values and rules. This is particularly true in complex structures such as project teams spread over multiple locations, matrix organisations, and virtual leadership environments. Of course, we cannot just announce cooperation top-down, but we will have to practice and apply cooperation through a set of tailor-made interventions. This is where I come in and support teams and organisations in different roles.

In my interventions, I utilize an effective mix of tools and approaches which I have developed through continuous education and practical applications (see here). In 2020, I became certified by TheDive in Berlin as a fellow for the Loop Approach®. The approach helps teams to develop more mature and self-organised team processes and a higher level of collaboration. Applied to many teams, it becomes an effective framework to transform the organisation from within.

Change consultant
Implementation advisor
Leadership coach